25 factories shut down by NEMA for polluting Nairobi River


By Edna Mwende

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) has shut down operations for 25 factories that have been accused of discharging waste and harmful chemicals into Nairobi River.

According to a news report by Daily Nation NEMA said the 25 factories did not meet the authority’s standards and had to therefore be shut down.

“We will not allow such factories to continue operating. I want to see them closed starting today. Clinics that dump the bodies of infants into the river will also be shut down,” Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is quoted as having said in the Daily Nation report.

This comes at a time when the Nairobi County government is in the process of cleaning up Nairobi River that is choking with waste in partnership with NEMA with the Daily Nation news report pointing out that the pollution of Nairobi River and her tributaries results in the pollution of River Athi.

 NEMA said 15 other factories have already been closed down for non-compliance with the authority’s Director General, Geoffrey Wahungu saying that the exercise would continue until all the factories dispose their wastes the right way. He added that NEMA will continue working hand in hand with the government to ensure all rivers are reclaimed.

“We are currently dealing with industries that are discharging effluents into our environment, we have so far closed down 25 industries that do not meet NEMA standards and will continue until all companies discharge their waste properly.” Mr. Wahungu is quoted as having said in a report by the Business Daily.

In a bid to ensure that the cleanup exercise is a success, the Nairobi County government deployed officers along the river to ensure that the people do not dump waste illegally and positive results are expected.

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