Airtel speeds up 4G expansion in urban areas

Airtel Kenya 4G

With rival Telco Safaricom upgrading its internet provision network to 400G, Airtel has followed suit by hastening its 4G network expansion drive ahead of its highly anticipated merger with Telkom Kenya.

According to a report by the Business Daily, the telco will focus on setting up 4G sites in different urban centres across the country and as Airtel Kenya Chief Executive Officer Prasanta Das Sarma explained, the move will bode well for the telco’s subscribers.

 “Airtel Kenya is expanding its 4G network coverage to 40 new towns across Kenya which will see the telco’s customers enjoy faster internet speeds The expansion of our network coverage will ensure that majority of the urban population are well covered,” Airtel Kenya CEO Prasanta Das Sarma is quoted as saying by the Business Daily.

Some of the towns that will benefit from the new coverage include Kisumu, Nyeri, Meru, Nakuru, Bungoma, Lamu and Garissa.

Airtel has in the past come under fire from disgruntled customers regarding the inconsistencies of the carrier’s network coverage in some regions across the country and as Mr. Das Sarma reiterated the new 4G sites will help address the erratic network coverage issues.

“The new 4G sites will ensure all our customers within the country have access to faster and more reliable network services,” Mr. Das Sarma highlighted.

Over the past two years, Airtel’s piece of the local data subscription pie has been on an upward trajectory with the Communications Authority of Kenya indicating that the telco, in 2018, commanded a 21.9 percent of the data market as compared to a 6.2 percent stake in 2017.

After injecting Ksh. 1 billion into growing its voice and mobile data offering in January 2019, it is evident that Airtel is investing heavily in its expansion drive and with the Telkom Kenya merger all but confirmed, Airtel and Telkom will seek to usurp Safaricom’s dominance in the network service provision market.A


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