Uber to block unruly customers


By Edna Mwende

Uber, the American multinational transportation network firm, has introduced a new quality system whereby drivers can blacklist the riders who have frequent questionable behavior.

According to a news report by the Business Daily, this policy follows countless complaints from drivers over unruly customers who make their job harder to execute.

“We have recently updated our community guidelines which extends the same behavioral standards to the riders that we have for drivers and we will be notifying a small number of riders that their behavior needs to improve or their access to the app could be removed — which is already done with drivers,” said Uber Country Manager Brian Njao as quoted by the Business Daily.

The taxi-hailing firm sent their customers a message to let them know of the recent change on Monday. If an account is marked several times for complaints of unruly behavior and failure to adhere to Uber’s community guidelines, the rider will consequently have restricted app access.

The unruly behavior as report in the Business Daily article can include asking the driver to ignore speed limits, causing damage to the vehicle by for example vomiting due to excessive drinking or spillage of food and drinks in the car as well as use of inappropriate, abusive, and disrespectful language.

Continuous negative feedback from drivers on a rider and after several warnings will result in a one week temporary suspension of the rider’s account and full deactivation if no improvement is noted.

Mr. Njao added that fostering a community of mutual respect is important to them and that this change is about shared accountability on their platform.

The local daily’s similarly reported that this is part of Uber’s efforts geared towards improving transparency, accountability and boosting the safety of its drivers and riders.

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