Adopt portable water treatment units to end perennial water shortage: Counties told


Counties are being encouraged to set up portable water treatment units to provide clean water for their citizenry and save up on the cost of setting up permanent pipe work infrastructure.

The water treatment units can be moved to water sources close to each village or community where water can be treated and then stored in reservoirs for distribution to homes.

According to Davis & Shirtliff, the leading Water and Energy Solutions Company and the pioneer in assembling containerized water treatment units in the country, the water treatment units are custom made to suit the specific need of the end user.

“The popularity of containerized portable water treatment plants in the country has gone up over the years and to date, Davis & Shirtliff has installed 23 units in different parts of the country so far. The need for containerized units was brought about by emergency situations in the region which needed systems that can be deployed and be redeployed from one location to another without the need for doing plant rooms, and within a very short time,” explained David Gatende the Davis & Shirtliff Chief Executive Officer.

He added that the other reason that has created demand for these systems is the fact that it is difficult to transport them and transport construction material to some markets in the region such as Somalia and South Sudan.

The portable containerized water treatment units can operate in good condition for over 10 years and are easy to deploy and redeploy.

“They can be mounted on a trailer to make it mobile and this makes it easy to relocate from one site to another. Mobile containerized water treatment plants have also revolutionized the way safe drinking water is availed to victims of disasters and emergencies in different parts of the region,” Mr Gatende pointed out.

In the case of disasters and emergencies, the portable water treatment units accommodate a wide variety of feed sources including saline, turbid or highly mineralized water and have the production capacities up to 100,000 lit per day.

The Davis & Shirtliff CEO explained that: “It is important to note that a raw water analysis should be provided to establish the extent of pre-treatment necessary. Output on the other hand is dependent on customer requirement and will differ from one customer to another. The system can therefore be customized to suit any customer requirement in terms of output.”

The system is fully enclosed in either standard 20 or 40 feet containers or can be trailer mounted and includes raw water pumps, supply pumps, storage tanks and a diesel generator. Smaller solar powered versions are also available.

As Mr Gatende explained the portable containerized water treatment units are designed to withstand the most challenging environments with piping systems engineered to survive heavy vibrations and galvanized, powder coated frames to resist corrosion.

“Systems are frame mounted with all components conveniently accessible and are designed to provide low energy consumption and long life. These units could be the solution to the perennial water shortage problem in different counties across the country,” he said.

This comes after the Ministry of Water recently announced that it will spend Sh20.7 billion this financial year in water supply for Nyandarua County which has a 24 per cent coverage against the national 60 per cent.


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