Africa recorded highest volume of cyberattacks in 2021: report

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Africa registered the highest number of cyberattacks in 2021, a new report by American IT security solutions provider Check Point has revealed.

According to the research, Africa experienced an average of 1,582 weekly cyberattacks per organization, a 13 percent increase from the 1376 weekly attacks recorded in 2020.

The Asia Pacific region, recorded approximately 1,353 weekly attacks per organization while Latin America registered 1,118 attacks weekly, a 38 percent increase from 2020. Europe and North Africa also catalogued 670 and 503 weekly attacks respectively, signifying a 68 and 61 percent increase from 2020 correspondingly.

In 2021, education and research was the sector that experienced the highest volume of attacks, with an average of 1,605 attacks per organization every week. This was followed by the government/military sector, with 1,136 attacks per week and the communications industry with 1,079 attacks.

Globally, Check Point Research reported a 40 percent rise in cyber-attacks, with 1 out of every 61 organizations affected by ransomware each week. The ransomware attack frequency trend peaked to 925 cyberattacks a week per organization, globally, at the end of the year.

Internet and Mobile Service Providers was the industry that was most attacked by ransomware according to the report. The average weekly number of impacted organizations in this sector in 2021 was 1 out of 36 (32% increase from 2020).

Healthcare came in second with 1 out of 44 organizations having been impacted (39% increase) followed by software vendors in third place with 1 out of 52 organizations.

The Asia Pacific region, the report says, is experiencing the highest volume of attack attempts by ransomware with 1 out of 34  organizations being impacted every week in 2021.

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