Aga Khan launches EA’s first PET-CT scanner services

Aga Khan University Hospital.
Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Aga-Khan University Hospital on Sunday launched East Africa’s first Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT) scanner and Cyclotron in a ceremony graced by First Lady Margaret Kenyatta.

According to the hospital, the scanner will allow doctors to detect and treat diseases at an early stage which will advance health care in the country and the whole East African region in general.

Confirming the launch, Aga Khan CEO Shawn Bolouki, lauded the unveiling of the lifesaving technology.

“The launch of PET-CT scanner services could hardly be timelier. The PET-CT scanner is a life-saving tool in the fight against deadly diseases such as cancer, heart ailments and neurological conditions such as dementia and epilepsy,” Mr. Bolouki said.

“Patients suffering from such diseases will as of today not need to travel abroad to access this revolutionary technology.”

Firoz Rasul; the President of Aga Khan University, who was also in attendance, consequently shared his sentiments on the game-changing development that is set to contribute to the development of health care in the region.

“Addition of the PET-CT services clearly show the hospital’s vision of providing excellent health care services because the quality of care determines whether a patient is correctly diagnosed and treated, or continues to suffer,” Mr. Rasul said.

Similarly, President Rasul revealed that the hospital was planning further expand its reach in the Kenyan and East Africa market.

“We are looking to establish a local center that will provide students with advanced resources for learning and research as well as a centre for Cancer research,” Mr. Rasul said.

“Plans are already underway build a new Aga Khan Hospital in Kampala, Uganda, as well.”

Following the inauguration of the PET-CT services; that will be offered as an out-patient procedure, insurance provider NHIF revealed that it would cover the entire cost of the services at the hospital in a move likely to lessen the cost burden on affected customers.

Other bigwigs in attendance of the PET- CT launch included Dr Jackson Kioko, Director of Medical Services as well as Ministry of Health officials.


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