Blue Band expands product portfolio

Blue Band

Upfield, a global producer of plant-based products, has chosen Kenya as the launch pad for the company’s new portfolio of products under its Blue Band brand.

The new products under the Blue Band brand are Blue Band peanut butter, Blue Band Real mayonnaise and Blue Band Cold pressed canola oil. The three products come in varying sizes and they are available in all leading retail outlets across the country.

The peanut butter will retail for between Ksh. 650 and Ksh. 100 depending on the size of the product while mayonnaise and a litre of Canola oil will set back consumers Ksh. 500 and Ksh. 380 respectively to obtain.

“Blue Band has been a trusted brand in the Kenyan market for over 65 years and under this expanded portfolio we have introduced provides more variety and choice to cater for our consumers’ identified, changing needs and tastes.” Upfield East & Southern Africa Managing Director, Peter Muchiri, said in a statement during the launch.

Mr. Muchiri consequently revealed that the products are healthy and made with locally sourced high quality ingredients.

“The new products have been produced with locally sourced raw materials with high nutritional values in partnership with Agventure- a company that works with non-irrigated farms with a focus on enabling the establishment of sustainable conservation agriculture practices. The Blue Band peanut butter is produced from 100% crushed peanuts rich in Omega 6 and free from preservatives an additives whereas the Real mayonnaise is a premium condiment of natural ingredients with a rich source of Omega 3 & 6 and suitable for burgers, sandwich and salad dressing. The Cold pressed Canola edible oil on the other hand is obtained from 100% canola rapeseeds that are pressed without chemical or heat treatment and are cholesterol free,” Mr. Muchiri explained.

Kenya is the first country that has been selected by Upfield to expand Blue Band’s product portfolio but the products are expected to roll out across Africa, Middle East, Asia and South America in coming months.

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