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Emirates offers discounts on three international routes

An Emirates Airliner
An Emirates airliner. PHOTO/COURTESY: emirates.com

UAE based airline, Emirates, has cut the ticket prices for flights to Dubai, London and Beijing by up to 29.4 percent in an ongoing promotion aimed at wooing Nairobi customers plying the routes, consequently stepping up competition for rivals such as Qatar Airways and Kenya Airways who also operate on the flight lanes.

The promotion which runs until January 21, 2020, will allow customers to book flights travelling to the aforementioned destinations from between January 7, 2020 and November 30, 2020.

 “We at Emirates believe in making every flight experience extraordinary. By making continued investments in refreshing the world’s biggest fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 777s, passengers travelling with Emirates are able to fly better on every single flight,” Hendrik Du Preez, the Regional Manager of Emirates Airlines East Africa said in a statement.

Under the promotion, customers travelling from Nairobi to Dubai on an economy class ticket will be entitled to a nine percent price discount on the previous asking price of Ksh. 54,008 (US$ 535), with customers paying Ksh. 48,859 (US$484).  Those plying the Nairobi-Dubai route on a business class ticket will receive a 29.4 percent discount from the previous fee of Ksh. 200,991 (US$ 1,991) which translates to Ksh. 141,834 (US$ 1,405).

Consequently, customers travelling to London on an economy class ticket will pay Ksh. 78,337 (US$776) down from Ksh. 99,435 (US$ 985) while those flying to the same destination on a business class ticket will pay Ksh. 246, 882 (US$ 2,445) down from Ksh. 324,958 (US$ 3,219), a 24 percent price cut.

Passengers travelling to Beijing from Nairobi, on an economy class ticket, will on the other hand pay Ksh. 83,081 (US$$823) down from Ksh. 95,094 (US$942), translating to a 12.6 per cent discount. Business class travelers plying the route will pay Ksh. 410,058 (US$4,062) down from Ksh. 497,481 (US$4, 928) representing a 17.5 per cent discount.

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