Gumzo unveils platform for tutors to support online education in Kenya


After successfully piloting ‘Gumzo For Schools’, a video conferencing system designed specifically for e-learning in Africa, Usiku Games has enhanced its platform to allow tutors to continue providing private tuition as the Kenyan government announces a return to the school schedule for January 2021.

Dubbed ‘Gumzo For Tutors’, the platform enables professional Tutors to host online lessons with a real classroom experience. Tutors will be able to pick up students for the online classes based on their expertise and an online schedule without worrying about their location:

“Gumzo for Tutors saves time and easily fits lessons into a Tutor’s schedule wherever he/ she is. We believe this platform will offer more opportunities to Tutors to continue earning and continue imparting knowledge to students who are now isolated at home as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic,”  Jay Shapiro, CEO, Usiku Games said.

With a 14-day free trial, Tutors simply register using their mobile numbers for verification purposes and safety. They will then proceed to create a customized classroom using their accounts and invite students to begin a session. All calls are encrypted ensuring that all calls are private and protected. Tutors can record their sessions and use them later for class reviews or send to students who cannot attend lessons in real-time.

Gumzo for Schools and for Tutors are enhancements of Africa’s first web-based video-conferencing platform known as Gumzo. It was developed two months into the Covid-19 pandemic by Kenyan developers at Usiku Games. Gumzo uses local phone number verification and real-names to ensure a safe environment for all users. Meeting hosts can review the live video, name, and phone number of each attendee before allowing them into the classroom.

During this Covid-19 lockdown, more than ever, families and friends are using video conferencing for social gatherings, and not just business meetings. Gumzo supports fun times for users, allowing groups to watch shared movies and play live party games with loved ones on the calls. This is particularly important especially during these tough times. Gumzo games include board games and collaborative jigsaw puzzles and other fun entertainment.

There are already more than 350 million internet-connected smartphones across Africa. Most of them that run on Android and IOS are compatible to use Gumzo, which is purely mobile browser-based, so there are no downloads or plugins to be installed.

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