Luxury car sales fall in first half of 2019


Only 69 high end vehicles were sold in the country in the first half of 2019 down from 139 sold in a similar period last year, data from the Kenya Motor Industry Association (KMI) has revealed.

The drop represents a 50 per cent dip in the number of luxury cars sold locally in the first six months of the year and according to KMI this can be attributed to franchise and supply chain disruptions experienced by dealerships as well as changes in the ownership of franchises.

For example the sale of BMW automobiles in the period under review fell to three from 11 registered in a similar period last year. The drop was attributed to distribution of the German car franchise being transferred to Inchcape Kenya from Simba Corporation early this year with InchCape only starting to sell the German vehicles last month.

Similarly the sale of vehicles under the Porsche and Bentley brands did not register any significant growth during the period under review as a result of delays in sourcing for 2019 models of the vehicles. According to KMI Porsche sales dropped to 10 the first six months of 2019 down from 30 in a similar period in 2018 while those of Benley remained flat at three.

KMI similarly revealed that the sale of new motor vehicles in the country registered a 2.5 percent dip in the first half of the year to stand at 6,294 units compared to 6,456 units purchased in a similar period last year. During the period under review, Toyota’s unit sales dropped to 1,590 compared to 1,579 registered in 2018 while those of Simba Corporation fell to 998 from 1,004. Car dealership Isuzu however registered an increase in sales in the period under review with the brand selling 2,485 units compared to 1,974 units in the first half of 2018.

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