NTSA to introduce laws to determine maximum age of PSV drivers


The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is seeking to introduce new rules that will determine the maximum age of Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) drivers in an effort to curb road accidents.

According to the transport regulator, there is no law that limits the age of drivers in the matatu industry and this is out of the ordinary since old age can affect the efficacy of the drivers or any other person in any other professional.

Subsequently, the regulator revealed that PSVs will have to observe certain body construction parameters before they can be deemed operational.

Some of the parameters the vehicles will have to adhere to include: having no luggage racks on the roofs, having operational fire extinguishers and first aid kits as well as having functioning safety belts and large enough passenger seats.

“The new KS372regulations will ensure the uniformity of all passenger vehicles and overall safety of all vehicles on the road,” National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Director-General Francis Meja said in a statement.

“If all matatus adhere to these standards the fatalities on our roads would be significantly reduced.”

The move comes just 24 hours after 72-year-old PSV driver Lukas Abdala, crashed a bus bound for Kisumu from Nairobi at Fort Tenan Kericho that left 56 people dead and others seriously injured.

According to survivors, the bus; which has a capacity of 67 people, was overloaded when the accident occurred at around 4 am on Wednesday.



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