President Kenyatta named UNs Global Champion for Youth


President Uhuru Kenyatta has been named the United Nations Global Champion of the Youth at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly hosted in New York.

Kenyatta was selected to spearhead the UNs joint partnership initiative between the United Nations Youth Strategy 2030 and Generation Unlimited aimed at addressing and improving the plight of youth across the globe.

As part of the initiative, Generation Unlimited will build on programmes that back young people in countries under the United Nation.

According to the PSCU, the partnership between the United Nations Youth Strategy 2030 and Generation Unlimited is aimed at ensuring that youth across the globe have access to quality education.

As he accepted his new position, President Kenyatta; who was in the company of First Lady Margaret Kenyatta, reiterated that the youth hold the keys to the future of humanity.

“We do not champion the cause of youth opportunity and hope as a favour, but rather as the necessary, undeniable, embrace of our collective future,” President Kenyatta said in the PSCU statement.

“We must give young people education and employment opportunities if our societies are to live up to their full promise.”

The President subsequently called on the youth to seize opportunities and take on more duties as he vowed to back their interests to the best of his ability.

“On your part, embrace your chance to lead by seizing opportunity and turning it into tangible achievement. You must stand up, offer yourselves, dedicate yourselves, shoulder responsibility, and carry the world into the future,” the statement read.

Other speakers present and who  supported the initiative that will concentrate on secondary education; skills for learning, employability and empowerment of the youth included: United Nations Secretary General Antonio Gutterez, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore and United Nations Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth Jayathma Wickramanayake.

All key speakers unanimously agreed that peace and sustainable growth can only be achieved by addressing interests of the youth and that can only be realized by investing in education and skills nurturing.

In Africa, the initiative has only been embraced in Kenya, Rwanda and Ghana. The three countries were all represented by their respective Presidents at the summit.




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