Safaricom makes strides in empowering the visually impaired

Mobile money transactions:MPesa

Visually impaired persons and those living with blindness will now be able to make seamless and secure transactions on M-Pesa.

This is after Safaricom announced its partnership with DOT Incorporation that introduces a Braille Watch into the market.

The DOT Braille Watch will allow those with blindness and visual impairment access messages from M-Pesa in braille format with Safaricom pointing out that the braille watch displays SMS notifications in braille.

“We are committed to the empowerment of persons with disability by facilitating the availability and affordability of assistive devices and technologies in line with our mission to transform lives,” Sitoyo Lopokoiyit the Chief Officer of Financial Services at Safaricom said in a statement.

“This partnership with DOT incorporation will make life easier for our visually impaired and blind customers through innovation.”

The device which also incorporates time and alarm functions in braille among its innovative features will be available on the Masoko e-commerce platform and Safaricom retail shops.

To further augment their support for the visually impaired in Kenya, the telco on Saturday announced the launch of a nationwide initiative whose purpose is to boost the registration of the blind and the low vision persons in Kenya.

In a statement, Safaricom said it has pledged to provide a Ksh. 5 million donation inclusive of 400 mobility canes to further aid the initiative that seeks to eliminate the stigmatization of the visually impaired in Kenya.

“Our goal is to ensure that all the blind and visually impaired individuals in this country have access to white canes that can then make them live and work independently thus foster their dignity and freedom,” Paul Kasimu the Chief Human Resource Officer at Safaricom said in the statement.

“That is why we are calling upon them to register with the Kenya Union of the blind so that we can create a database and facilitate the provision of mobility canes for them.”

In order to achieve this, Safaricom has urged the blind and Visually Impaired in Nairobi and its environs to visit the Kenya Union of the Blind house in Embakasi or visit the KUB website- and register. People in other counties can register with the regional offices of the National Council for Persons with Disabilities in Keny.


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