Set up a quality training center, leather artisans tell government

Leather bags.
Leather bags. PHOTO/COURTESY

Leather artisans on Monday called on the government to establish a training center in Nairobi that will help them advance their skills in hide crafting which will ensure the production of high quality products that can prosper in the international market.

The artisans insist that accessing the international market has been a huge challenge since industry players lack top notch skills which has led to the production of sub-standard products.

In addition, the craftsmen insist that the lack of a local standards regulator has led to customers preferring imported leather from Asia despite the country’s rich potential in the leather industry.

Earlier this year, the Kenya Leather Development Council blamed the mismanagement of slaughter houses for the low quality skins produced in the country.

According to Patricia Mwende of Kariokor Syiondo Women JuaKali Association, the hub will ensure the production of quality products in the country which will augment the superiority of Kenyan products in the international market.

“The center will also be an advancement of the Kariokor market which is popular for promoting local leather products made by small scale traders,” Ms. Mwende added.

The traders voiced their concerns during a forum for Small and Medium Enterprises held at Strathmore University yesterday. President Uhuru Kenyatta graced the summit today where he is expected to table his administration’s plans for the sector.


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