Startimes amends bouquet offerings


Subscription TV service Startimes has restructured its bouquet offering in an attempt to strengthen its competitive edge over rival pay TV services in the country.

According to the firm, only three subscription bouquets will be available to customers after it decided to scrap its original superior subscription offering; the Unique Bouquet. Apart from the Unique subscription, the firm’s initial offerings also included Classic, Basic and Nyota bouquets.

Following the restructuring, the Classic bouquet has become Startime’s superior subscription offering. Initially customers who subscribed for the Unique bouquet had to pay a subscription fee of Ksh. 1,499 but now customers will only have to part with Ksh. 749 per month to access the now superior Classic Bouquet which represents a 50 per cent price adjustment.

The firm also announced that all channels that were available in the Unique bouquet will now be available in the Classic option.

To further appeal to their customers, the firm has also added channels such as National Geographic E, ST Movies Plus, FOX, Baby TV and Star Plus to the Classic package.

The Basic and Nyota options will cost Ksh. 599 and Ksh. 259 to access but customers who subscribe to the two bouquets will be given one week access to Basic content -for Nyota subscribers-and Classic content-for Basic subscribers. Startimes will similarly provide customers with the opportunity to pay for weekly and daily subscriptions.

Some adjustments have also been made for customers on satellite transmission. Specifically, viewers can now buy one of its three plans: Super at Ksh. 1,499; Smart at Ksh 899 and Nova at Ksh. 499.

Customers can also access the service via Startimes’ official app which can be linked to the user’s decoder to access the service free of charge. Payments made for any package via the app will receive a 20 per cent discount.


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