Taxi firm Little launches in Lusaka, Zambia


By Bashir Mbuthia

Nairobi based taxi firm Little Cab has underlined its expansion intent into the African market by setting up shop in Lusaka, Zambia, just six months after it entered the Ugandan market.

This comes at a time when both local and international taxi hailing firms are rushing to expand their services to more consumers within the region.

In a report by the Business Daily, Mr. Kamal Budhabhatti the founder of Craft Silicon; the company that owns major stakes in Little Cab, reveals that the firm started operations in Lusaka on Tuesday last week after months of planning.

“So we are now in three African countries, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia. We have already started our operations in Lusaka. In Zambia, we are working with mobile telecommunication company, MTN to realize our firm’s expansion vision,” Mr. Budhabhatti is quoted as saying by the Business Daily.

Similarly, according to the Daily, Mr. Budhabhatti revealed that the firm has already employed 200 drivers in Lusaka as it takes steps to bolster its presence in the region. The only competition the firm will face is from Zambia based taxi service Ulendo.

The taxi hailing firm was first established in Nairobi in July 2016. Its arrival on the Kenyan taxi service scene forced Uber and Dubai based Mondo Ride to lower their rates following the increase in competition. It would later venture into the Ugandan market in May 2018.

Following the move, the taxi service is now available in five African cities in the region with the other four being Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and Kampala. The firm is also looking to establish a presence in the Kenyan towns of Nakuru and Eldoret.


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