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Uber to deactivate drivers with customer ratings below 4.6

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In an effort to enhance quality customer service amongst its taxi drivers, Uber has revealed that taxi drivers who get a customer rating of below 4.6 will be relieved of their duties.

Riders rate drivers after a trip, with five stars being the highest and one star being the lowest. When rating drivers after a trip, customers usually take into account aspects such as: the driver’s overall mannerisms, personal hygiene, knowledge of routes and various destinations and the ability to drive cautiously.

The taxi firm however revealed that drivers who fall short of the set target will get a one month period to improve their ratings.

“At Uber, we strive to create a quality experience for driver-partners and riders alike. In our efforts to provide a great Uber experience all around, we are increasing the minimum required rating in your city to 4.6. If you currently fall below this rating, you will have 30 days to increase your rating to meet the new minimum requirement. Driver-partners that don’t meet the new minimum rating will be deactivated. Whether it is through great conversation, or through clean and tidy car, great service is about being the best you can possibly be to create an enjoyable Uber experience for riders.” said Uber in a statement.

The move by Uber comes just two months after the taxi hailing firm announced in July that it would begin blacklisting rowdy customers from its platform.  The policy followed countless complaints from drivers over unruly customers who make their job harder to execute.

“We have recently updated our community guidelines which extends the same behavioral standards to the riders that we have for drivers and we will be notifying a small number of riders that their behavior needs to improve or their access to the app could be removed — which is already done with drivers,” said Uber Country Manager Brian Njao then.

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