Unilever to increase local plastic collection centres 


By Edna Mwende,

Unilever East Africa will inject an additional Ksh. 4 million in its recycling partnership with Mr. Green that was initially inked last year.

According to a news report by the Business Daily, the cash injection will be used to augment the number of plastic collection centres under the partnership with Mr Green Africa to 212 nationally.

This will be achieved by adding 140 primary schools to the current learning establishments that serve as plastic collection centres in the city as well as the 25 outposts that are not schools.

 “We are increasing the number by 140 schools that will act as both collection centres and help create awareness on the U-turn initiative. We are setting aside Sh4million for the programme,” Unilever Sustainable Business and Corporate Affairs director Joseph Sunday said as quoted by the Business Daily.

With the Ksh. 4 million cash injection, the firm’s total investment in the scheme will increase to Ksh.34 million. Last year the firm invested Ksh. 30 million into the initiative.

“It is an important partnership for Unilever. We have made big commitments to take the lead in creating a bright environment for future Kenyans and our environment is a key part of that. Plastics have a big role to play, “Unilever CEO Justin Apsey said last year.

This venture is expected to cut pollution and boost Kenya’s recycling business while boosting Unilever’s global plan to make the plastic it uses recyclable or reusable by 2025.

In August 2017, the Kenyan government issued a ban on the production, selling and using of plastic bags. The ban has led many manufacturers to opt to go green especially since consumers today are environmentally aware and protest against environmental pollution.

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