Unilever Africa embraces recycled plastics packaging


Following the inking of a September 2018 deal to recycle plastics with Mr. Green Africa, consumer goods manufacturer Unilever Africa has started packing products, under its Sunlight brand, in recycled packaging containers.

The firm has so far introduced recycled packs for one Kilogram and 500-grammes of Sunlight scouring powder sold across East Africa.

According to Unilever Africa President Bruno Witvoet, the move is part of the company’s vision of recycling all the plastic it uses in its operations by 2025.

 “The launch of the first truly circular plastic packaging for Sunlight scouring powder in Kenya is a great win for the environment and goes a long away in our quest to ensure that plastic only remains in our economy and stays clear of the environment. The packs are part of Unilever’s efforts to cut its use of plastic packaging by more than 100,000 tonnes through a circular economy that is also creating jobs for thousands of people in the country,” Unilever Africa President Bruno Witvoet said in a statement.

In March 2019, following its initial September 2018 pact with Mr. Green Africa, Unilever East Africa injected an additional Ksh. 4 million in the recycling partnership with Mr. Green in an effort to augment the number of plastic collection centres under the partnership with Mr Green Africa to 212 nationally. With the Ksh. 4 million cash injection, Unilever’s total investment in the scheme increased to Ksh.34 million. In September 2018, the firm invested Ksh. 30 million into the initiative.

The move by Unilever comes more than two years after the Kenyan government issued a ban on the production, selling and using of plastic bags in August 2017. The ban on plastics has seen many manufacturers looking for greener options for the sake of environmental conservation.

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