Adverts to run during televised national events

National events

Advertisers can now air infomercials during televised national events after the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) amended its 2016 Programming Code for broadcasters that barred advertisers from cashing in on such occasions.

Broadcasts of national holiday ceremonies, parliamentary proceedings and state of the nation addresses are all classified as national events.

Apart from restricting advertisers from profiting from these events, the 2016 code also outlawed the sponsorship of such happenings while similarly decreeing that all advertisements aired on any local TV station ought to have at least 40% of local content footage. The 2016 code consequently ordered broadcasters to increase local content programming by 60 years within four years of being authorized with a licence by the CA.

All these restrictions have however been abandoned after the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) published the revamped 2019 Programming Code for broadcasters.

Despite doing away with some restrictions, the 2019 code has upheld earlier decrees from the 2016 code. According to a news report by the Business Daily, free to air broadcasting stations will still be required to ensure that 40 percent of their station’s programming, excluding news and advertisements, is local content one year after receiving an operating licence from the regulator.

The embargo placed on airing cigarettes and tobacco related advertisements has also been upheld while guidelines on sex, obscenity and pornography have also been retained in the updated code for broadcasters. Pay per view TV stations, which were not compelled by the 2016 code to adhere to the regulations, will now have to conform to the updated guidelines instituted by the CA’s 2019 Programming Code for broadcasters



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