City Hall renews Jambopay contract again

city hall head Governor Mike Sonko

The County Government of Nairobi has recanted its earlier plan to terminate the automated revenue collection contract it had signed with utilities firm Jambopay citing delayed transition to its own revenue collection system as the reason that informed the decision.

City Hall, through its head; Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, had last week stated that the County Government would stop outsourcing its revenue collection to independent contractors such as Jambopay. 

Governor Sonko consequently revealed that the County Government would use its own software, donated by a yet to be revealed source, to track revenue collection in the city.

The renewal is the second time in only a month that City Hall has re-signed the revenue collection deal with the utilities payment firm. The first extension was triggered in early April for the duration of one month but this elapsed on Tuesday at midnight. The new deal will also last for a similar period of time.

According to Nairobi County’s ICT and e-government Chief Officer Halkano Waqo, in a news report by the Business Daily, it would be very difficult for the County to dispense with Jambopay before fully transitioning to its own revenue collection system.

“It is not an extension per se as people are putting it but they are just supporting us in the transition process and so we saw it better to prolong the period so that they can continue to support us for a few weeks, Mr. Waqo is said in the news report by Business Daily.

“Maybe in the next two weeks maximum, we will be able to thank them for their support and carry on our own,” Mr. Waqo added.

The announcement from the City Hall comes just two days after Jambopay announced that it would automate revenue collection in two municipalities in Somalia in an effort to expand its presence in the East and Central African regions.

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