Everest Park fit for occupation: Building Inspectorate

Everest-Park Estate
Everest Park Estate in Athi River. PHOTO/COURTESY: Construction Kenya

The National Building Inspectorate (NBI) has given the go ahead for the occupation of Everest Park Estate after its temporary closure in January 2018 following revelations that the homes were sub standardly constructed. 

The Ksh. 912 million estate was being constructed in a joint venture partnership between the developer, Everest Park Limited and mortgage financier Shelter Afrique which provided equity for the project.

According to a news report by the Business Daily, the buildings regulator initially put on hold construction at the Athi River estate last year after discovering in an audit that its Phase 1 Block, which has 120 one-bedroomed units, 60 two-bedroom and 60 three-bedroom units, had structural defects such as cracked walls, faulty electricity lines, moldy walls and broken window panes.

NBI determined at the time that the construction work was sloppy and this led to closure of the estate’s Block 2B section to allow for repairs and adjustments in the blocks’ structural design with NBI giving Everest Park Limited and Shelter Afrique a two week time frame to draft a repair plan for the structurally precarious buildings.

Despite initially disagreeing with the results, the developer crafted a repair plan which was approved by the buildings regulator. The developer soon after proceeded with the repairs and structural adjustments and according to NBI’s Secretary Moses Nyakiongora, all the faults have been addressed and rectified and the homes are fit for occupation.

“Since the safety concern of the building (Block 2B) which was reported to us have been addressed, the tenants can now reoccupy their houses. Any defects noted during the defects liability period should be addressed by the consultants and contractor,” the NBI secretary Moses Nyakiongora said in a letter addressed to the estate’s architect, H.M Gatai, dated May 14 and copied to the County Secretary, Machakos County.

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