Huawei releases Smart Logistics Solution at the MWC 2019

The Internet of Things (IoT) Transformation of Smart Logistics Solutions. PHOTO/COURTESY: Huawei

By Edna Mwende

Huawei has released the Smart Logistics Solution during the just concluded Mobile World Congress (MWC, 2019), in Barcelona, Spain.

The Smart Logistics Solution is expected to help in areas like transportation, distribution, and warehousing, facilitating agile innovation in the logistics industry.

Huawei in a statement said the Smart Logistics Solution is built on the Huawei OceanConnect Internet of Things (IoT) platform, NB-IoT, and RFID technologies. The IoT relies on ICT to reshape traditional industries.

“By integrating the physical and digital worlds, the IoT has the power to revolutionize future industries. The IoT can streamline business processes, boost productivity and give customers better products and services, while providing potential for grander innovations,” Huawei said in a press statement.

Huawei said the Smart Logistics Solution has been deployed in multiple factories and yards with adding that the solution enables enterprises to digitally manage the arrival time, waiting time, and loading/unloading time of suppliers’ vehicles, and intelligently schedule docks.

“The unloading efficiency in the yard and the on-time delivery rate of suppliers are greatly improved. Intelligent scheduling and management lower costs and improve logistics efficiency,” the global ICT solutions provider said in their statement.

The whole process of goods transportation Huawei said is managed in a visualized manner, and cold chain transportation monitoring improves safety and quality.

“In the last-mile delivery, intelligent scheduling of docks in the yard and sharing of transportation containers improve utilization of logistics resources. Digital management of warehouses makes warehouse management more intuitive and efficient,” their statement reads in part.

 “After years of technological advancement and market development, the IoT is poised to unearth a world of untapped ICT opportunities. The massive ecosystem that is the IoT is predicted to exceed trillions of dollars by 2025. The development of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT and other technologies is ushering the logistics industry into a new round of industrial revolution. They are critical for the logistics industry to reduce costs and improve efficiency,” Huawei said during the release of the solution at the MWC, 2019.


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