Kenya among countries still paying for Uber services in cash despite firm’s push for cashless systems


Kenya remains one of the few countries in the world that still use liquid cash to pay for services from taxi hailing app Uber despite the firm’s push for the adoption of cashless systems for its services.

Uber has in recent years advocated for the use of credit cards to pay for its cab and online food delivery services and according to the cab provider the firm is contemplating on whether or not to completely abandon the mode of payment across all markets in which it has a presence.

In a news report by Business Daily, Uber revealed that the cash mode of payment only contributed to 13 per cent of its 2018 global gross earnings which attests to the firm’s customers making the move to cashless modes of payment.

The news report by the Business Daily similarly pointed out that, the cab service views the cash payment option  as a method that is prone to risks such as robberies and violent attacks which will not only endanger the wellbeing of passengers but it will also threaten the safety of drivers and riders.

 “If we do not successfully manage those concerns, we could become subject to adverse regulatory actions and suffer reputational harm or other adverse financial and accounting consequences,” the taxi firm is quoted as saying by the Business Daily.

“Failure to comply with these regulations could result in the imposition of significant fines and penalties and could result in a regulator requiring that we suspend operations in those jurisdictions,” Uber added.

Other countries that still use cash to pay for Uber services include: India, Brazil and Mexico among others.

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