Ketepa looks to West and South Africa to increase sales

Ketepa tea bags.
Ketepa tea bags. PHOTO/COURTESY: Kenya Tea Packers

In an effort to increase its continental footprint, tea processing company, Kenya Tea Packers (Ketepa), is looking to work in partnership with distributors in Nigeria and South Africa to boost the sales of its products in the markets.

According to Ketepa’s Managing Director Albert Otochi, the firm is looking to capitalize on the continental free trade agreement that will enable easier movement of goods on the continent to sell its ready to drink tea varieties across Africa. 

“If you go to Egypt where we have a vast presence, you shall see our billboards strewn across strategic locations in Cairo and this has been done in Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan among other African countries we sell our tea to. We want this to be the case in Nigeria and South Africa as well,” Mr Otochi said yesterday in Kiambu County when the firm partnered with retailer Naivas Supermarket to launch an inaugural month long campaign to spur tea consumption in the country.

The Kenya Tea Month campaign, which will be running in August every year, is set to raise awareness on Ketepa’s indigenous tea brands and endear Kenyans to tea. During the Tea Month, Kenyans will similarly gain insights on the healthy benefits of tea and methods of preparing various types of tea. The partnership comes after Ketepa revealed that it earned Ksh. 200 million from selling tea across the supermarket’s outlets in the country in 2018.

“Shopping trends indicate that the younger generation are looking for new innovations in tea. We believe by partnering to endorse the beverage as a celebratory drink rather than a traditional breakfast drink will increase local tea consumption by 10 per cent of total production,” Naivas CEO Willy Kimani said during the launch of the month long campaign whose theme is “Its tea time.”

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