KQ flights to Khartoum back on

KQ - Khartoum

Despite initially cancelling scheduled flights to Khartoum twice in the last three months following the country’s current political unrest, national carrier Kenya Airways has resumed flights to Sudan.

KQ cancelled flights to Sudan last week after the country’s military authority, who ousted dictator ruler Omar al Bashir from power in April, shut down all activities at Khartoum International Airport.

Immediately after seizing power from Omar al Bashir the military regime declared that they would endorse civilian rule but it became clear soon after that the regime did not want to keep their word following its reluctance to hand over power to a civilian.

The impasse escalated to a month long protest in which approximately 100 Sudanese civilians lost their lives during confrontations with armed Sudanese soldiers. The situation further worsened after Sudanese workers on Sunday staged a national strike calling for the ruling military government to make way for civilian rule.

Normal operations have however resumed at the Airport after the military regime and protesters called for a ceasefire to amicably discuss the succession of Omar al Bashir.

“Kenya Airways is glad to inform all customers and the public that normal operations to and from Khartoum International Airport have now resumed,” said the airline in a public notice Tuesday.

“We continue to closely monitor the security situation in Khartoum. We apologize for any inconvenience caused on the two services we cancelled last week.”

According to the Business Daily, the uncertainty surrounding Omar al Bashir’s succession after days-long street protests by civilians triggered doubt among Kenyan businesses with interests in the eastern Africa nation.

According to KQ’s official data goods worth Ksh.6.2 billion moved into Sudan from Kenya in the 2017 financial year, up from Ksh.5.3 billion registered in the year before. It is however likely that the political uncertainty in Sudan will affect KQ’s earnings from the region.

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