Parking app Kerb sets up shop in Kenya

Australian parking app Kerb
Australian parking app Kerb. PHOTO/COURTESY: Kerb

Australian Parking App Kerb has launched in Kenya, presenting homeowners and businesses with the opportunity to generate extra cash from renting out their car park spaces.

Kerb Co-Founder Rob Brown, in a news report by online news site, lauded the move that will bring with it many benefits to interested parties within the Kenyan populace.

“We’re really excited about the benefits that Kerb is going to have for users. The app allows you to list an entire car park up in minutes and each individual bay can be customised by availability, price and vehicle type,” Mr. Brown is quoted as saying by the online news site.

He similarly insisted the application will generate more income for the economy while lessening the hassle brought about by traffic congestion in Kenya’s cities.

“Kerb reduces congestion and environmental impact by getting cars off roads, makes use of existing infrastructure – and means more money for locals to spend in the economy,” Brown says in the news report by

The rental prices of the parking spaces will start at Ksh. 300 but this will vary depending on location of the car parks with the app also presenting customers with the opportunity to rent out and lease spaces for motorbikes, boats, trucks and even helicopters.

Kerb similarly offers a car management solution that lets churches and schools use their car park to fundraise and better manage their parking spaces. Residential committees can also use the app, which is available for download for iOS and Android on Play store, to monitor visitor parking spaces and manage the allocation of the spaces in apartment buildings.

Kerb was launched in October 2016 by Rob Brown and Matthew Salmon. It is currently localised for 300 cities worldwide with the application service being available in 16 languages.


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