Posta unveils new logistics hub in Industrial Area

Posta logistics hub

The Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) has launched its second logistics hub in the country at Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

The hub which cost Ksh. 36.5 million to set up, was launched with the sole purpose of augmenting the Postal Corporation of Kenya’s national footprint in the cargo clearing business.

The logistics hub will focus on distributing postal and courier items nationwide and according to the state owned corporation’s Postmaster General Dan Kagwe in a news report by the Business Daily; the establishment of the hub will guarantee greater service delivery to all of its customers.

“We aim to decongest the current EMS Centre at the Nairobi Central Business District with a view of enhancing service delivery to our esteemed customers,” PCK Postmaster General Dan Kagwe is quoted as saying by the Business Daily during the launch of the new logistics hub in Nairobi last week.

The Business Daily similarly reports that Postmaster Kagwe is optimistic that the new logistics hub will not only create avenues for the postal corporation to increase its revenue collection streams but it will also escalate the number of containers coming in from Mombasa to Nairobi.

The announcement comes nearly two months after the Postal Corporation of Kenya entered into a trade agreement with US based Shipping and Logistics firm Seagate. The deal will allow online shoppers in the country to shop from platforms such as Amazon and e-Bay upon which Seagate will be tasked with shipping the said products into the country. Once the purchases arrive in the country, the Postal Corporation will then deliver them to their rightful owners.

“Everybody is getting into the internet and buying stuff from China, the US and everywhere but nothing comes from us. Seagate brings in and opens the doors for Kenyan SMEs to access the market in the US,” Postmaster General Dan Kagwe said then.


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