Subaru recalls 2.26 million cars

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Japanese car maker Subaru has recalled 2.26 million vehicles around the world over a brake lamp flaw.

The move will affect both Subaru Forester sport vehicles and Subaru Impreza cars assembled between September 19, 2008 and March 29, 2017; with Japan’s recall tally coming in at 306,728 units while the overseas tally of recalled vehicles standing in at 1,962,113 units.

According to Nikkei Asian Review, the fault stems from the brake lamp’s inability to activate when a driver exerts pressure on the brake pedal. The glitch is attributed to impurities that prevent the normal response from taking place and this can interfere with the engine turning on.

Nikkei similarly reports that Subaru has appropriated US$ 89 million to cater for the recalls which the company hopes to recover by cost cutting in the course of the year and from its sales in the car maker’s largest market of North America.

This is Subaru’s largest recall in history and it may not bode well for the car maker especially since it reduced its net profit evaluation for the year ending March 31, which stood at 1.3 billion US dollars in the same period last year, by 36 per cent. According to the report by Nikkei, this might be an indication that Subaru’s retention of customers; especially now after the recall, is on a downward trajectory.

The car maker has been in the limelight since 2017 over its failure to conduct thorough car inspections with the car manufacturer recalling approximately 350,000 vehicles in Japan alone since.

The problems have continued this year. Issues with electronic power steering units forced the company to halt its sole domestic auto plant in Tokyo for 10 days in mid-January.

Auto recalls in recent years have tended to affect large volumes of vehicles, partly a result of moves in the 2000s to standardize parts and consolidate purchasing operations. Multiple models can share a single defective component, as with the Subaru brake light part.


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