Uber to increase taxi fare charges

A parked Uber taxi

Taxi hailing firm Uber has finally heeded the calls of its digital cab drivers to increase trip fares by announcing that it will increase the rates for Uber X and Uber Chachap effective August 26, 2019.

In a notice to its partners and drivers, Uber revealed that customers using the Uber X platform will effective Monday pay Ksh. 38 per kilometer up from Ksh. 27. Similarly, customers using Uber X will pay Ksh. 5 per minute up from Ksh. 4. On the other hand Uber ChapChap customers will pay Ksh. 22 per kilometre up from Ksh. 18. Shortest rides on the platform will see customers part with Ksh. 50 more with ChapChap charging Ksh. 150 and UberX charging Ksh. 200. The base fare for the two categories will however remain the same at Ksh.80 and Ksh.85 for ChapChap and UberX respectively,

“From Monday, 26 August 2019, we will be introducing changes to ChapChap and UberX. These changes have been informed by your continued feedback and many months of thorough reviews on the growth and sustainability of your earnings opportunity,” the taxi firm said in a notice sent to drivers and partners on Tuesday.

According to the Business Daily, the new prices will see vehicles on ChapChap option pay 25 percent commission on the first 15 weekly trips and thereafter remit three percent on the remaining journeys completed. The 25 percent commission charge on total earnings remains unchanged for vehicles on the UberX category.

The announcement by the taxi firm will be welcomed by drivers operating on the platform who in July took to the streets to protest against reduced earnings among a host of other grievances such as guarantee of driver safety and the revaluation of the safety standards for the taxis. The go slow was preceded by a similar strike that happened 11 months ago. The strike greatly affected commuters who use the platform to travel to different parts of the city for the better part of a fortnight with national leaders such as Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo calling for a sit down between players in the industry and the drivers to address the stalemate.

The announcement by the taxi service comes just weeks after rival taxi firm Bolt discarded Bolt Go, the app’s budget option, from its platform in July effectively increasing charges for its users as well.

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