We will pay farmers Ksh. 36 for a litre of milk: Brookside

Brookside milk

Dairy processing company Brookside has increased the purchasing price for a litre of milk to Ksh. 36 up from Ksh. 31.

The announcement follows the milk processor’s decision to increase the retail price of its processed milk last week.

According to a news report by the Business Daily, the increment which translates to a 16 per cent rise, was initiated by Brookside to protect farmers from the effects of the lengthy drought that has hit the country in the last three months paralyzing production in the dairy industry.

The new pricing took effect yesterday and according to the firm’s Director of Milk Procurement and Manufacturing John Gethi, the price adjustment will help farmers sustain the incurred high cost of production.

“We are currently on an aggressive empowerment programme for our farmers, a majority of whom are smallholders. We are targeting improved production through investment in feed preparation,” Mr. Gethi is quoted as saying by the Business Daily at Brookside’s offices in Ruiru.

“The current business environment has occasioned an increase in consumer prices of our products. We have decided to pass on the benefits of these increases to our farmers during this exceptionally dry period,” Mr. Gethi added.

Mr. Gethi similarly called on dairy farmers to capitalize on the price adjustment to boost their income avenues.

“We call on our farmers to redouble their effort in milk production in order to further benefit from this opportunity with the new price adjustment,” Mr Gethi added in the Business Daily report.

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