Absence of speed governors condemns PSVs from roads


Matatu operators are citing an unavailability of digital speed governors as the reason behind the delayed return of most PSVs on the roads following Monday’s crackdown on said vehicles not observing enacted transport laws.

According to Matatu Owners Association (MOA) Chairman Simon Kimutai in a news report by Business Daily, the recent surge in demand for the product has exhausted its supply within the country.

“There is no single agent selling speed governors in the Kenyan market as we speak. Four of my vehicles are actually grounded as a result of the situation,” MOA chairman Simon Kimutai is quoted as saying by the Business Daily.

The local daily also reports that a fresh batch of the speed governors; retailing between Ksh.10,000 and Ksh. 15,000, is expected to arrive in the Kenyan Market in three weeks’ time.

The enacted transport laws require all public service vehicles to be fitted with speed governors, working safety belts, visible yellow lines and photographs identifying the crew. Operators of the vehicles are also supposed to wear identification badges and mandatory operational uniforms as they go about their activities.

Following the commencement of the crackdown on Monday morning, many matatu operators steered clear of service ways which were flooded with NTSA, National Police Service and Office of the DPP officials enforcing the regulations. As such, commuters in most parts of the country were left stranded while the few matatus that observed the rules almost doubled their fare rates to cash in on the increased demand.

Normal service however resumed after the matatu operators, following a meeting with Ministry of Interior officials, agreed to follow the regulations.


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