BuuPass, Safaricom partner to launch ticketing solution for buses

The BuuPass logo
The BuuPass logo. PHOTO/COURTESY: Nairobi Garage

Buupass and Safaricom have partnered to launch an online cashless ticketing solution that will allow travellers to reserve and purchase bus tickets straight from the comfort of their cellular devices.

Through the service, customers can select a bus operator, preferred travel date and time, and reserve specific seat numbers.  Customers can also reserve seats for multiple travelers, with tickets being printed at specific bus stations after presentation of the confirmation SMS. The service can be accessed by visiting BuuPass’ website where payments can be made via M-Pesa or by dialing *887# on Safaricom’s network.

So far, bus operators Easy Coach, Modern Coast, Greenline, Palmers and East African Shuttles have signed up for the cashless ticketing service with at least 20 more operators expected to enlist by the end of the year.

According to Rita Okuthe, the Chief Business Officer at Safaricom, the platform will provide customers with a convenient way of managing their travelling options.

“This partnership with BuuPass seeks to extend the convenience of M-PESA by empowering our customers to book a bus ticket wherever they may be and at their luxury. We further see a prospect in linking bus companies to opportunities by providing them with a solution to manage customer ticketing and cashless payments,” Ms. Okuthe said in an official statement.

While lauding the partnership, Sonia Kabra, the Co-Founder and Director of BuuPass, also revealed that the service will also incorporate parcel management within its offering to further provide more flexible solutions to customers.

 “We are glad to partner with Safaricom to provide travelers with an easy and flexible solution to book and manage their journey. Our platform similarly provides bus companies with a bus and parcel management system where they can manage their fleet, have control over their operational costs and effectively reach more travelers and in turn sell more seats through our marketplace,” Ms. Kabra said.

Apart from launching the ticketing solution for buses, Safaricom and BuuPass have similarly partnered on the online booking platform for the Standard Gauge Railway.

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