CIO Africa rebrands to dx⁵ after merger with SA firm


CIO Africa and South Africa-based consultancy agency The Rebel Element have merged to form a new entity, dx⁵.

The merger follows the two-year period of the COVID-19 pandemic which saw the rise of technology as an accelerant as well as an upsurge of technology communities across Africa and the globe.

dx⁵ emerges just as the need to create a more comprehensive market offering, with deeper value, strategic expertise and expansive reach underpins industry relationships.

“Our greatest assets are our people and as a merged entity we are now able to offer enhanced experience and skill to our stakeholder community. With a shared vision to connect African changemakers underpinned by technology and ignite business growth. By joining forces, we will be able to play a larger role in accelerating connections and ultimately digital transformation across the continent and beyond,” said Kelly Bentley, Co-Founder & CEO of The Rebel Element.

The merger unites Kelly Bentley now CEO of dx⁵, Gill Bowmaker, COO of Rebel Element turned COO dx⁵, Harry Hare, Chairman and Publisher of CIO Africa now Chairman and Content Director dx⁵ and Andrew Karanja, Co-Founder and Director of CIO Africa now Chief Learning and People Officer, dx⁵.

The four directors share a personal history as long-time friends working frequently on previous projects. The merger is served well by their collectively similar values and philosophies on doing business with a focus on D&I, authenticity, significance and creativity.

 “We go forward under a new company name and brand which has been designed around digital transformation (dx) to the power of 5 – these 5 pillars being our teams, our customers, our partners, our community and our shareholders,” said Bentley.

“Over the next few weeks, we will continue to communicate what dx⁵ means for our stakeholders, outlining the increased value going forward including deeper and more strategic offering for our clients, our expanded geographic reach and of course, the combined team we now have taking care of our clients, partners, and community.”

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