DKT International celebrates International Condom Day

DKT International

As the world recognizes International Condom Day today, DKT International, one of the largest private providers of family planning products and services in the developing world, is proud to host a variety of activities to reach youth populations with safe sex messaging and supply them with quality condoms in places where it is generally in short supply.

 “Condoms have historically been a tough sell all over the world. Reports that they are uncomfortable or reduce closeness during intimacy influences the ultimate decision to use one or not. To make matters more challenging, condoms and family planning are not always widely accepted or spoken about in many cultures,” says Chris Purdy, CEO of DKT International. “DKT works to raise awareness about contraceptives and markets condoms to consumers in a way that resonates with their everyday lives.”

In Kenya,DKT will launch condom distribution “storms” in high traffic areas to promote condom use including two major highways; University way and Uhuru highway, as well as banks, bus stops, in shopping centers as well as in food stores located near universities. Each location will have one mascot and two promoters distributing free condoms while engaging youth.

In Ghana,DKT will host afun and informative activation in a busy mall to encourage youth to sign a pledge and commit to “play safe” by using condoms. There will be a condom challenge contest asking participants to demonstrate the right way to wear a condom and they can also enter to win a smartphone. A prize incentive will also encourage attendees to share their experience on social media using the hashtags #iPledgeToPlaySafe, #DKTGhana and #InternationalCondomDay.

In Nigeria,DKT’s Fiesta Condom team will conduct pop-up interviews in the streets of Lagos and share them across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Participants will be asked various questions about condom usage such as, “Have you ever bought a condom before?”, “Can you use the same condom twice?”, and “Where do you buy condoms?” to receive free Fiesta condoms. The next day on Valentine’s Day, DKT Nigeria will host a social media contest encouraging followers to post a picture of their favorite Fiesta product with the hashtag #LoveWithFiesta.

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