DPA, Canadian Solar partner to enhance industrial solar energy

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Kenyan industries are set to benefit by saving a minimum of 30% on their current cost grid consumption following a partnership between Distributed Power Africa (DPA) and Canadian Solar Company. Currently, Kenyan companies lose nearly 10% of their production because of power outages and fluctuations.

The deal is expected to help DPA provide top tier photo-voltaic (PV) panels from the company which would quite easily construct 50 large industrial solar plants. The PV panels will be made available to DPA customers in Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Lesotho.

Commercial and industrial projects in Africa such as data centres, manufacturers, schools, hospitals and various C&I businesses will experience better quality of service by an assurance of zero technology risk for DPA customers covered by the warranties and reliability of the equipment.

“We are working with Agha Khan Hospital in Mombasa, at the Aga Khan Kuze Medical Centre as part of their drive to contribute to a cleaner environment, which is in accordance with the UNDP’s Solar for Health initiative.” Said Norman Moyo, Group CEO of DPA Africa

This is a major commitment to DPA’s vision of delivering energy security to the continent while working with world class technology partners such as Canadian Solar and Tesla. The company recently completed installation of solar panels at the East Africa Data Centre in Nairobi seeing the facility maximise solar energy usage and saving up to an estimate of Sh4.5 million on green energy.

“We will leverage Canadian Solar’s PV technology capabilities and customer base in growing their pipeline in Africa as well as continue to unlock new hybrid technologies to solve Africa‘s twin challenges of generation and distribution. We imagine a future now where every building in Africa is generating its own energy.” Mr. Moyo concluded.

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