D&S opens four new branches

Davis and Shirtliff

Davis & Shirtliff, the country’s leading Water and Energy Solutions Company has announced plans to open new branches in the country with the aim of covering 70 per cent of the counties by the end of the year.

According to the company’s Chief Executive Officer David Gatende, the plan is already underway with the year having started with the opening of three new branches in Githurai, Marsabit, Nyeri and Kitale.

Mr. Gatende pointed out that continued expansion into the counties is a key priority for Davis & Shirtliff adding that they plan to have a presence in every Kenyan county within the next three years.

“Devolution has had a dramatic and positive effect on the lives of Kenyans, and its importance cannot be over emphasized. Its effects are not just limited to the public sector and we in the private sector have also had to devolve in our own ways to keep up with the public sector,” the CEO explained.

On what informed Davis & Shirtliff to plan on opening new branches in the specific locations; Mr. Gatende said:

“A scientific analysis has been done and informed us that these are areas where water and energy solutions are urgently required. The population is high to support the business. We have done sizeable business in these areas in the past and so having a local service center would also be an added advantage to the local communities.”

Davis & Shirtliff currently has 37 branches in 26 counties representing 55 per cent county presence with the newly opened branches raising the number of branches in the country to 40.

Mr. Gatende pointed out that Davis & Shirtliff will continuously expand into other parts of the country and the larger untapped African continent adding that:

“As a company, we see our strategic purpose for existence as being to improve people’s lives by providing water and energy solutions across Africa. There is plenty of market for our products in Africa because of a lack of proper supply outlets and technical experts to maintain water solutions and this has greatly factored into the firm’s continental expansion plan,” he concluded.


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