Ministry of Interior is the most corrupt government department, EACC report says

EACC chair Eliud Wabukala. PHOTO/COURTESY
EACC chair Eliud Wabukala. PHOTO/COURTESY

A recent study by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has identified the Ministry of Interior as the most corrupt government department in the country.

The Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government is charged with handling internal security affairs, Disasters and Emergency Response Coordination, Citizenship and Immigration Policies and Registration of Persons Services among other duties.

According to the survey that was conducted across 5,977 household respondents  in 47 counties between October 17 and October 24, 2017, The Interior and Coordination of National Government Ministry leads in graft with 64.7 percent of the population under survey attesting to having been asked for a bribe in order to obtain services.

The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development came in second and third with an average of 27.8 per cent and 23.9 respectively. The Transport Ministry came in fourth at 13 per cent followed by the Ministry of Education at 11.7 per cent. The Ministry of Devolution rounded up the top six with a 10.3 per cent graft case average.

Speaking to members of the press during the launch of the report at KICC on Monday, EACC Chair Eliud Wabukala revealed that Kenyans paid bribes because they felt they had no other alternative to acquire amenities.

“Nearly half of those who paid bribes complied since it was the only way they could access the service, 17 per cent paid to hasten the service, 13 per cent paid to avoid problems with authorities and 10 per cent paid as custom,”Mr Wabukala said.

Among government agencies, the National Police Service; which is under the Ministry of Interior, ranked first as the most corrupt government actor with 23 per cent of the surveyed population corroborating to this.

The National Police Service Commission came in second with 13 per cent, Public Hospitals came in third with a 9.8 percentage aggregate while the Kenya Revenue Authority came in third with 8 per cent.

The National Land Commission, the National Transport and Safety Authority in addition to the Immigration Department concluded the first half of the list with 7.3% per cent, 4.9 per cent and 4.3 per cent respectively.

The report also revealed that the Judiciary, Executive and the Anti-graft Agency received the highest confidence mark from Kenyans with 60 per cent, 57 per cent, and 54 percent respectively.

The EACC chair subsequently called on members of the public to help in the fight against corruption.

“Our aim is to root out corruption in the country. Kenyans should suggest ways to do this, since war against corruption is our common responsibility,” Wabukala said.

He also proceeded to issue a stern warning to persons involved in and promoting graft.

“The EACC will lobby for harsher punishments for those found guilty of corruption,” he added.



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