Ecobank named Africa’s Best Bank for Corporate Responsibility


Ecobank has won the coveted prize of Africa’s Best Bank for Corporate Responsibility at the recently held Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2020.

The Euromoney Award recognised Ecobank’s focus on sustainability and partnerships and its core capabilities in delivering positive social and environmental outcomes across Africa.

 “At Ecobank we leverage human capabilities and other core resources to partner for African transformation. We are passionate about co-designing partnerships to drive change at community levels across our pan-African footprint. The Euromoney Award for Excellence recognises our collaboration with African communities and like-minded partners,” Carl Manlan, Chief Operating Officer of the Ecobank Foundation said:

Ecobank’s Corporate Responsibility primarily concentrates on the three key areas of health, education and financial inclusion. Examples of partnerships undertaken by the bank include its three-year campaign to raise awareness of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and educate communities by providing key information about the dietary and lifestyle changes required to help prevent NCDs such as cancer and diabetes, Ecobank’s Group Chairman Sustainability Award which emphasises the lender’s role in each country in designing innovative, replicable and scalable solutions that drive sustainable environmental and social change. Last year the bank similarly launched its ‘Zero Malaria Business Leadership initiative’ which aims to eliminate malaria across Africa through private sector-led initiatives that increase financing and take stronger and better-targeted actions to support national malaria control programmes.

  “The Ecobank Foundation is doing amazing work in delivering on its commitment to improve the quality of life of people across the African continent. The Foundation should be rightly proud of its ceaseless impact and the real difference that it is making in numerous parts of the continent. Through the Foundation, our Group leverages its resources and capabilities to contribute to the economic and social development of Africa,” Ade Ayeyemi, CEO of Ecobank Group said on his part.

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