Equitel unveils voice calls and insurance bundle


Equitel has unveiled a new telephony package that comprises of both voice calls and health insurance covers.

The bundle’s price varies between Ksh. 1,249 and Ksh. 2,499 per month and once a customer spends Ksh. 1,249 shillings, for instance, he or she will be awarded 500 minutes of talk time that can be used across all networks. The bundle will also gift customers a free Riziki cover, a mobile-based insurance product provided through Equitel and underwritten by Britam, of Ksh. 2,500 per night in case the subscriber is hospitalized.

The Ksh. 2,499 package will on the other hand give customers 1,000 minutes of talk time and a similar Riziki cover with the only difference being that the insurance will also cover the subscriber’s family members once they purchase it. The cover will also provide the subscriber and any family member Ksh. 2,500 for per day as compensation for any lost income in the event of hospitalization.

“The insurance cover secures daily earnings through a daily compensation to the customer, in the event of admission in hospital for three days or more,” Equitel said in a statement.

As it stands there are over 280,126 individuals who have subscribed for Equitel’s Riziki Cover and the firm aims to leverage on this offer to grow its value offering and customer base.

As Equitel aims to increase its customer base, its mother company Equity is currently in the process of acquiring four lenders in Rwanda, Zambia Mozambique and Tanzania from London listed firm Atlas Mara Limited to further grow the company’s regional footprint and customer base.

Equity is set to use share swap deals to acquire a 62 percent share in Banque Populaire du Rwanda, BancABC Tanzania and Mozambique and Atlas Mara Zambia. On the other hand Equity will offer 6.72 percent of its shares worth Ksh. 10.9 billion to Atlas Mara Limited.

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