Java unveils new grilled chicken outlet

A Java House store

Coffee house Java House has unveiled a new restaurant brand under its umbrella, dubbed Kukito, in Nairobi’s Central Business District which will be exclusively serving grilled chicken.

The new eatery which will operate between 10 am and 11 pm, is located on Kimathi Street, directly opposite a Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) outlet which will increase competition for the deep fried chicken seller currently dominating the local chicken retail scene.

The new Java brand will add onto the coffee seller’s local retail portfolio that currently constitutes brands such as Java Restaurants, Planet Yoghurt and 360 Degrees pizza. Java House is also in the process of unveiling three new Kukito outlets in the future.

According to a news report by the Business Daily, introduction of the Kukito brand is part of Java House’s diversification strategy and its Ksh. 1 billion expansion plan which it began implementing last year in an effort to augment its product portfolio.

“Our chicken, prepared in a very special way, will be a healthier alternative to deep fried chicken. We are bringing good old grilled chicken, with a twist, stacked with a lot of local and traditional Kenyan flavour. “Kuku choma at its finest,” said Java Chief Executive, Paul Smith according to the Business Daily.

“In Kukito we are bringing the Kenyan spirit, celebrating our origin through a nice local vibe. It is a brand for the young, witty and bold Kenyan,” Mr. Smith added.

In July this year, Java House partnered with oil marketer Total to establish the retailer’s first vegetarian outlet along Mbagathi Way in an effort to increase its revenue collection streams. The venture, the third such partnership between the eatery and Vivo, is located on Total’s premises on Mbagathi Way.

“Total is also a reputable brand across the region. We have partnered with them successfully at Airport View, Mombasa Road. We are pleased to open a second site with them and look forward to growing this partnership across the region, with Uganda in the more immediate future.” Java CEO Paul Smith told the Business Daily then.

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