Jubilee insurance launches wellness program


Leading cover company Jubilee Insurance has launched a wellness program that will help Kenyans combat lifestyle diseases and lessen the high cost of healthcare.

The program christened Maisha Fiti Scheme is a joint venture between the insurance company, Jumia Hotel, Ole Sereni Hotel and a host of other wellness centres and its aim is to endorse healthier lifestyles among Kenyans.

According to the insurance company, Jubilee Insurance card holders will pay no fees to access the service that links them with different organisations that encourage physical and mental well-being.

In a report by the Business Daily, Jubilee Insurance Group CEO Julius Kipng’etich insists that the venture was necessitated by the fact that the importance of healthy lifestyle habits is not emphasized to a large section of the Kenyan population.

“Health promotion and disease prevention through healthy lifestyle changes are poorly supported in our healthcare system where focus is primarily on medication or other forms of medical care,” the Jubilee Insurance Group CEO Julius Kipng’etich is quoted as saying by the Business Daily.

He adds that: “We believe that providing health information to individuals is important to improving wellness because many people believe they are healthier than they actually are.”

Other partners in the deal include: Wadi Degla Clubs, Muscle Health gyms and fitness store Nairobi Sports House, Bonfire Adventures, Leopard Beach Hotel, nature getaway The Forest, Text Book Centre, health products shop Healthy U, mobile healthcare application Simway and grocery retail chain Zuchini. The Maisha Fiti programme also includes specialised services targeted at older people, mothers and people suffering from conditions such as hypertension and arthritis.


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