Liquid launches Africa’s first Cyber Security Fusion Centre in South Africa

Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Liquid Cyber Security, a business of Cassava Technologies, today launched the first of its matrix of Cyber Security Fusion Centres in South Africa.

For the first time, African businesses and governments will have access to Liquid’s matrix of Security Fusion Centres across key markets.

These centres will provide threat intelligence and bring together the existing Liquid Cloud Operations and Liquid Network Operation Centres, ensuring customers have full support across cyber security, cloud and networks for end-to-end security.

The Centre will eliminate silos and enhance threat visibility leading to deeper collaboration across teams and increased cyber resiliency.

Through the combined offering of the security advisory, managed service, and integrated cyber intelligence, enterprises will now be able to stay ahead of cyber-attacks. 

There has been a rapid acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies globally, and South Africa is no different.

However, the nature of work and how businesses operate constantly evolves, and so has the scale of cyber threats. In fact, according to an Interpol report, South Africa had 230 million threats detected in 2021, highlighting a dark side to this rapid digital transformation.

Malicious actors have more avenues for attacking businesses through brute force or human error.

“Our pan-African Cyber Security Fusion Centres will, when fully operational, leverage our ability to track and predict threats across the continent and will be enhanced by the capability of our international partners like Microsoft, ITC Secure and Xcitium,” said David Behr, CEO of Liquid Cloud and Cyber Security.

With this Fusion Centre, Liquid aims to respond to threats with a strategic, tactical, technical and operational threat intelligence approach, enabling the teams to make informed decisions while mitigating the threat for customers.

“One of the most significant advantages of the Liquid Cyber Security Fusion Centre is the improvement in the time it would take for the organisation to detect and respond to threats faster and smarter.

As a result, Liquid can now assist its customers in real-time and enable them to be proactive rather than reactive, as well as effectively handle the situation, especially in today’s complex threat landscape,” said Behr. 

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