Lux Afrique Boutique offers international luxury brands a way into Africa 

Lux Afrique Group Founder
Lux Afrique Group Founder Alexander Amosu. PHOTO/COURTESY

Lux Afrique Boutique (LAB) is the first luxury online shopping platform that offers its high-end clients an opportunity to purchase and take delivery of luxury goods anywhere in Africa.

The online shopping platform offers its Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) and High Net Worth (HNW) clients across the African continent an opportunity to shop at the same prices as retail outlets in Paris, London or Milan from the comfort of their homes.

Historically, luxury brands have traditionally been associated with developed nations, as a result of this, it became common practice for both UHNW and HNW markets of African nations to dominate well known international luxury retailers. Subsequently with the growing trend of online buying, luxury retailers entered the same market.

For example, Net-A-Porter first made its appearance in the year 2000 and has now firmly solidified itself as one of the market leaders in Europe for online luxury brands. What remains to be explored is a market leader for the continent of Africa. This is where the expertise of Lux Afrique has a clear benefit and advantage to partnering brands.

Brands like Louis XIII, David Morris, Yoko London, Montegrappa, Boadicea, Stephen Webster are just a some of the brands already signed up to the shopping platform, with more joining on a daily basis.

“We already have great experience with the requirements of the African HNW market. As soon as a customer places an order LAB gets it on a plane for the client to receive it the very next day. Essentially, African luxury consumers now have a company they can rely on to deliver all their favourite luxury brands to their homes or office anywhere on the continent,” Alexander Amosu, CEO of Lux Afrique Boutique states:

Mr. Amosu continued on to say that luxury brands will continue to capture the imagination and set trends, even in an environment of dynamic financial conditions, typical of emerging markets. Additionally, the global luxury market is constantly looking to reach untapped markets, especially in Africa.

“LAB’s unique advantage is that through its client base, it can support the growth of its luxury brand partners on the African continent in any market where they wish to strengthen their presence. With the rise of new forms of commerce linked to the digital economy, this is an opportunity for LAB and we are better placed to meet consumer demand in Africa,” the Lux Afrique Boutique CEO added.

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