Nairobi to host Africa’s premiere textile conference

A cotton textile factory
Inside a cotton textile factory: PHOTO/COURTESY: BTVI

By Edna Mwende,

Kenya is gearing itself to host the first textile conference dubbed the Premiertex AFRICA that is expected to bring together 50 global manufacturers of textile seeking to reach out to millions of Kenyan traders in cotton, textile and apparel products.

In a news report by the Business Daily, Skander Negasi, Chief Executive of Trade and Fairs Consulting, the organizers of the conference which will be held on June 18 to June 20, said the expo would link Kenyan dealers of textiles including fabrics, garment, fashion and technology companies with the global suppliers to remove sourcing costs.

Mr. Negasi, a German national told the local daily that: “Fabric remains expensive in Kenya, with consumers relying on costly imports mainly from China and the wider Asian market. The expo will address these gaps by connecting the local sellers, designers and garment makers with the textile manufacturers and exporters directly.”

Mr. Negasi continued to say that for the first time, over 50 international manufacturers and exporters from seven countries will present their products and innovations to more than 1,000 traders and sourcing industry from East Africa.

He added in the Business Daily news report that the expo had been started to assist East African buyers of the textile value chain seeking to source garment, textile and machines from Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

“In the past years, East African whole sellers and retailers used to travel to Asia and the Western countries to find the right partners. Searching for buyers outside Africa means travel costs and investments in worldwide searching activities. Through this event, the organisers are bringing those suppliers to East Africa,” he added.

Kenya’s clothing exports stood at between Sh34.4 billion and Sh40 billion in 2017 against a global total of Sh29.9 trillion, according to official figures, highlighting the huge potential according Mr. Negasi.

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