NBK, AMREF ink medical evacuation deal


The National Bank of Kenya (NBK) has signed a partnership with AMREF Flying Doctors to provide air evacuation and ground ambulance services for its customers, in case of a medical emergency.

The service, dubbed Maisha Air Ambulance Plan, entitles customers to unlimited evacuations and transfers from anywhere within Kenya or parts of the Eastern Africa region. Customers can choose from amongst different categories, including: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. To sign up for the service, customers are required to subscribe for different categories, at a rate of between KSh2,300 and KSh10,500 annually.

“We are continuously focusing on intricacies touching on our customers, their businesses in general, as well as different industries and sectors. We are doing all it takes, including striking strategic partnerships to unlock more value for Kenyans,” NBK Managing Director Paul Russo said during the launch of the service.

 “Health is wealth. One of the best ways that we can protect our wealth is by paying keen attention to our health and well-being. As we work towards helping our customers meet their financial aspirations, we want to ensure that their health is safeguarded too. It augments our existing offering for health insurance; and is anchored on our desire to deliver added value to customers,” the NBK boss added.

The Maisha Air Ambulance Plan is available for the bank’s retail, corporate, and MSME clients. It also grants them direct access to the AMREF Flying Doctors’ 24-hour control center for medical advice provided by qualified practitioners. They also enjoy access to the air ambulance provider, without having to go through third-party intermediaries.

AMREF Flying Doctors have been offering air medical evacuation and ambulance services in Africa over the last 60 years.

“We are pleased to partner with National Bank to guarantee the safety of their clients in case of a medical emergency. This draws from our long and rich experience and track record of delivery speedy quality service,” The Chief Executive Officer of AMREF Flying Doctors’, Stephen Gitau said:

The cover does not cover out-of-hospital treatment of mild injuries and illnesses; acute condition at the time of signup; inpatient medical cost; war, political violence, and civil unrest; search and rescue; criminal activity; and contamination (biological or chemical).

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