Notice for reimbursement was inflated 100 times, energy regulator admits

The Energy Regulatory Commission logo as seen at Eagle Africa Centre
The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) logo as seen at Eagle Africa Centre. PHOTO/COURTESY

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has admitted that the recent reimbursement notice issued last month was inflated 100 times.

The initial notice by the energy regulator indicated that consumers were owed Ksh. 1.2 billion in refunds.

A gazette notice issued on Friday last week said that the initial amount quoted had been inflated 100 times with the regulator stating that consumers were now owed  Ksh. 12 million in refunds.

The energy regulator in their initial notice had that said that Ksh. Sh1.31 was going to be refunded to consumers for every kilowatt hour (kWh) used by businesses and homes during the August period.

However, the most recent notice posted last week on Friday stated that only Ksh. 0.013 would be offered for every kilowatt hour spent in the month. This has in turn reduced the arrears to Ksh. 12 million.

The original Ksh. 1.2 billion figure was supposed to be subtracted from September power bills but energy consumers protested that the refund had not been in last month’s bills.

The admission of fault by ERC has cancelled out expectations by Kenyans that the burden on their households would reduce following a 52.8 per cent in the rise of power bills that took effect on July 1 and August 1 for prepaid and post- paid users respectively.

The increase in energy tariffs was contrary to what the regulator had announced to Kenyans in July this year following the completion of a new tariff review by the commission. The tariff review, the commission said, would see consumers pay Ksh. 16.6 for every unit of electricity consumed.


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