PSVs call off strike and embrace Michuki rules


Kenyans have gotten reprieve after PSV operators on Monday called of their nation-wide strike in protest of a crackdown targeting matatus that have not adhered to the Transport Act 2013.

The Transport Act 2013; famously dubbed ‘Michuki rules’ after the late Transport Minister John Michuki , requires all public service vehicles to be fitted  with speed governors, working safety belts, visible yellow lines and photographs identifying the crew. Operators of the vehicles are also supposed to wear identification badges and mandatory operational uniforms as they go about their activities.

Following the commencement of the crackdown on Monday morning, many matatu operators steered clear of service ways which were flooded with National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA), National Police Service and Office of the DPP officials enforcing the regulations. As such, commuters in most parts of the country were left stranded while the few matatus that observed the rules almost doubled their fare rates to cash in on the increased demand.

However, a meeting between matatu owners and Ministry of Interior officials later on Monday led to a ceasefire between the parties involved.

“Following deliberations with Ministry of Interior officials, PSVs will adhere to the Traffic Act 2013,” Matatu Transport Vehicles Association Secretary-General Richard Kanoru said to members of the press.

“We will follow all the regulations dictated by the Act.”

Confirming the proceedings, Matatu Owners Association Chairman Simon Kimutai reiterated that PSVs would commence operations on Tuesday (today).

“We agreed that they should all return their vehicles to the roads on Tuesday and comply with the Traffic Act. These things have been there. It is just a matter of following the rules,” Mr. Kimutai is quoted as saying by the Daily Nation.

According to the news report, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet said the operation led to the apprehension of approximately 2000 matatu operators who did not adhere to the rules.

The new implementation follows increased accidents on Kenyan roads. It is well documented that there is a surge in road accidents during the December holiday season which is fast approaching.


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