Public Wi-Fi a hotbed for hackers, experts warn


Accessing public wireless internet connection or Wi-Fi as it is commonly known may have underlying repercussions that many people are unaware of, digital technology experts have warned.

According to experts from the Blockchain Association of Kenya, users of free public Wi-Fi are susceptible to intrusion from hackers seeking to obtain sensitive information for malicious intent.

According to an interview with Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence Taskforce Chairperson Bitange Ndemo conducted by a local daily, internet providers should encrypt their services to protect consumers from hacker threats.

“Service providers should adopt the use of Artificial Intelligence that would help in alerting users whenever anyone is monitoring their online activities. They can also adopt Blockchain technology to help in the process,” Mr. Ndemo is quoted as saying in the interview.

Subsequently, Mr. Ndemo also advised users to adopt strong security systems and applications on their mobile devices and laptops which will reduce the risk of hacking.

According to international technology firm AG, the best way a user can protect his/herself from hacking is by setting up their own Virtual Private Network (VPN) when accessing the internet which makes hacking tough as the data is encrypted.

Currently, there are around a thousand Wi-Fi hotspot centers across the country. The number is expected to rise with many internet service providers scheduled to expand their reach in the Kenyan market.


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