Taidys hotel in Nakuru introduces automated parking

An automated parking system.
An automated parking system. PHOTO/COURTESY: blog.getmyparking.com

By Edna Mwende

Taidys hotel in Nakuru County has installed an automated parking system, which will allow for the reservation of a parking slot in a secure environment. The system is designed to minimise the space required for parking cars.

According to a news report by the Business Daily, General Manager Sylvester Muli said the hotel was compelled to be innovative because it occupies a small space within the Central Business District and their customers are always seeking for secure parking spaces.

“Most customers ask for secure parking space when they do bookings for our suites. Despite ours being very safe it is also private. Customers love their privacy, and this makes it our main selling point as we stand out from the rest,” Mr. Muli said as quoted by the Business Daily.

Like a multi-story parking garage, the system as reported by the local daily provides parking for cars on multiple levels stacked vertically to maximise the number of parking spaces while minimising land usage.

The hotel has 24 parking slots and when a car is at the automated system’s entry point, and after all the passengers have disembarked, the lead operator presses a control button, then the vehicle is automatically lifted to the secure parking slot.

Once the driver is ready to leave, the automated parking system retrieves the car after the system identity’s the vehicle. The vehicle is returned to the transfer area and automatically rotated to face the exit saving the customer the hustle of reversing.

“Not only does an automated parking system drastically reduce the risk of accidents while parking, but because the garage is closed to the people, there is a much lower risk of assaults or robberies associated with a traditional parking lot or garage,” Mr Muli is quoted by the Business Daily.

The lead operator of the new system, Isaac Maina on the other hand said that they will need to service the system every fortnight to mitigate against the system stalling due to its sensitive nature.

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